CTC Tea Process

Chengmari has always been known for its black tea. It sells over 1.5 billion cups a year and has perfected
the art of making black tea. Our teas are sold mainly b2b to every state in India. Over the last
40 years a lot of processes have been put in place to ensure top notch quality.


Plucking tea by hand is a traditional way of picking tea leaves, which can be divided into four ways. The first one is Zhe Cai, which means breaking off the tea.


During withering, the moisture content in the leaf is reduced making the leaf flaccid and pliable and preparing the leaf for further processing.


Oxidation is a bio-chemical, enzymatic activity. In oxidation the host material absorbs oxygen and as a result, transforms. Please see the following points for a better understanding of oxidation.


Heating produces friction which creates heat, an enemy of quality tea production. Thus it is wise not to continually go down the route of excessive runs particularly with Rotorvanes. In the flavoury districts like Uva manufacture can take place after midnight to try and use lower temperature in the rolling rooms, helping the management of the volatile oils expressed in rolling.


Sifter sorts tea into pieces of various roughly equal sized teas. Tea is segregated into four main sizes namely, whole leaf, broken, fannings and dust. Tea is further sub-divided into different grades of as per the qualities within each of these sizes.

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